Hunter Biden Seeks Trump Subpoena: A Wild Ploy to Dodge Jail Time?

Headline: Biden’s Legal Team Calls for Subpoena of Trump in Hunter Biden Case – Desperate Attempt to Evade Justice

In a stunning twist to the never-ending saga of the Biden crime family, Hunter Biden’s legal team has stooped to new lows by attempting to drag former President Donald Trump into their mess. In a desperate move to evade justice, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abby Lowell, has asked the federal judge overseeing his firearms case to subpoena Trump, claiming that he conspired to pressure the Justice Department against his client.

Let’s break this down, shall we? Hunter Biden, the very same son of the President who has been embroiled in scandal after scandal, now wants to divert attention by throwing baseless accusations at Trump. It’s a classic liberal tactic – when caught in the act, cry foul and point fingers at anyone but yourself. But sorry, Hunter, this elaborate scheme to blame Trump for your troubles just won’t fly.

According to the court documents, Hunter’s lawyer alleges that Trump, along with former Attorney General Bill Barr and other officials, colluded with House Republicans to access Hunter’s bank records. They claim that this grand conspiracy aimed to influence the outcome of an unrelated case. Really? Is this the best they could come up with? It seems like they’ve been taking notes from the same playbook as Adam Schiff and the Russia collusion hoax.

What’s truly laughable about all this is Hunter Biden’s assertion that he is the victim of a “vindictive or selective prosecution.” Oh, please! The evidence against the younger Biden and his shady business dealings has been piling up for years. From his questionable foreign business ventures to his alleged tax fraud, Hunter has been playing fast and loose with the rules for far too long. Yet, somehow, he wants us to believe that it’s all just a big conspiracy against him.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget the reason why Hunter Biden is even in this mess to begin with – a felony gun possession charge. This is a serious offense, one that should not be taken lightly. But instead of facing the consequences like any other American citizen would, Hunter was offered a sweetheart plea deal that would keep him out of jail. How convenient. Thankfully, a judge saw through this blatant display of favoritism and questioned the arrangement, casting doubt on the integrity of the entire case.

It’s clear that Hunter Biden and his legal team will stop at nothing to avoid accountability. They’re willing to sling mud, fabricate stories, and even drag Trump’s name through the mud, all in a desperate attempt to evade justice. But the American people aren’t fooled. We see right through their charade. The Biden crime family may think they’re above the law, but they will soon learn that no one is immune to the consequences of their actions.

In the end, it’s important to remember what this case is really about – the alleged wrongdoings of Hunter Biden. Let’s not allow the liberal media and their allies to distract us with baseless accusations and wild conspiracy theories. It’s time for Hunter to face the music and be held accountable for his actions. Justice must prevail, regardless of the powerful figures who try to shield him from the consequences of his choices.

Written by Staff Reports

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