Biden’s Border Flip-Flop? Axelrod Exposes Dems’ U-Turn!

In an interview on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” former Obama Adviser David Axelrod made some startling claims about President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. Axelrod suggested that Democrats have suddenly shifted their stance on immigration because, surprise, surprise, it’s all thanks to President Biden’s move to bus migrants to sanctuary cities. Apparently, this sneaky tactic has caused Democrats to do a complete 180 on the issue, and now they’re all fired up about immigration like never before.

And if that isn’t enough, Axelrod also praised Texas Governor Abbott’s decision to ship migrants to these sanctuary cities, calling it “diabolically clever.” He pointed out that the move has sparked intense engagement from Democrats on the immigration issue, and now they’re all in a tizzy about it. From Chicago to New York, Democrats can’t seem to stop talking about immigration – thanks, President Biden!

But wait, there’s more. Axelrod claimed that Biden has now caved to the pressure by engaging in “difficult negotiations” and agreeing to drastic measures to tackle the border crisis. And as if that wasn’t outrageous enough, he also accused former President Trump of scheming to exploit and weaponize the problem for his own political gain. Talk about playing dirty politics!

In response to Trump’s alleged scheming, Axelrod declared that the White House is ready to tackle the issue head-on, emphasizing that there’s no time to waste. It’s clear that Axelrod and his CNN pals are painting Biden as the knight in shining armor, bravely fighting to solve the border problem while Trump lurks in the shadows, trying to make things worse.

So, there you have it, folks. According to Axelrod, Biden’s sudden shift on immigration is all thanks to a little bit of clever busing and a whole lot of Democrat outrage. Who knew politics could be so dramatic?

Written by Staff Reports

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