Biden’s Brain Bungle: Ronny Jackson Calls POTUS a National Risk!

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) exposed President Joe Biden’s “cognitive decline” as a major threat to the nation, leaving the Democrats to face the tough decision of how to handle it. In an eye-opening interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Jackson, a former White House physician, pulled no punches as he highlighted the glaring issue of Biden’s mental fitness. According to Jackson, it’s no longer a secret that something is amiss with the President’s cognitive abilities.

Jackson didn’t hold back, declaring that the White House has essentially turned into an assisted living facility with Biden at the helm. His concern for the country’s well-being in the hands of a leader with a “cognitive issue related to his age” was palpable. By pointing to the economy, inflation, crime, foreign affairs, the border crisis, and terrorism threats as areas that require a sound-minded leader, Jackson left no doubt that Biden is not up to the task.

The Texas representative spoke for many when he expressed his disappointment in the current state of affairs, going as far as to call Biden’s condition “an embarrassment,” “scary,” and “dangerous.” Drawing from his extensive experience serving under multiple administrations, Jackson made it crystal clear that the current president falls short in terms of cognitive and physical fitness for the job.

With a touch of humor and sarcasm, Jackson even suggested that a “presidential Jell-O cup” might be the new White House tradition, a stark departure from the previous administrations’ traditions of distributing m&m’s, kisses, and jellybeans. He made no bones about the Democrats’ role in the matter, asserting that they are now in a state of panic, realizing the magnitude of their mistake in placing Biden in office and expecting him to fulfill his presidential duties. Jackson didn’t mince words in predicting that Biden may not even complete a single term, let alone entertain the idea of a second term at his advanced age.

Amidst all the pointed criticism and dire warnings, it’s impossible to ignore the underlying message that the country deserves better. Jackson’s bold statements underscore the urgency of addressing the leadership vacuum at the highest level, leaving no room for sugar-coating the reality of Biden’s cognitive decline. At 81, Biden already holds the record as the oldest president in U.S. history, and the prospect of him serving into his mid-80s is a cause for concern that cannot be ignored.

Written by Staff Reports

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