Biden’s FCC Coup: Internet Freedom at Risk with Shocking Power Grab

The Biden Administration’s plan to seize control of the Internet was given the green light by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and critics are sounding the alarm, calling it a full-blown government takeover of the beloved worldwide web. The FCC’s 3-2 vote on Wednesday in favor of this tyrannical scheme has ignited a blaze of opposition, as people are rightfully wary of the federal government wielding absolute authority over the Internet.

The plan, cloaked in the deceptive language of “preventing digital discrimination” and ensuring “equitable access” to broadband internet, is nothing more than a sinister power grab by the Biden Administration. This proposal would grant the government an alarming level of control and regulatory power over every nook and cranny of the Internet, leaving it vulnerable to abuse and manipulation by bureaucrats in Washington.

The FCC’s plan would hand them the keys to the kingdom, allowing them to dictate crucial aspects of every Internet Service Provider’s operations, from network infrastructure deployment to customer service practices. This level of micromanagement is unprecedented and completely antithetical to the principles of free market capitalism. It’s as if the Biden Administration raided the policy playbook of a Soviet Studies Department at a university and crafted a plan straight out of the socialist handbook.

Commissioner Brandon Carr unleashed a scathing memorandum lambasting the Biden Administration for its audacious attempt to hijack the Internet. He aptly pointed out that this outrageous regulatory regime was never authorized by Congress and represents an overreach of power that has no place in a free society. Carr’s fact-checking of the administration’s shameless propaganda revealed that the doomsday claims about the end of Net Neutrality were nothing more than hysterical fear-mongering.

And let’s not forget about Biden’s executive order in February, where he stealthily set the stage for this Orwellian power play. The order aimed to wield control over the Internet under the guise of promoting “diversity” and equity, with a particularly vague mandate to use artificial intelligence in a manner that “advances equity.” This sets the stage for a “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” board to supervise the rollout of AI, giving unelected bureaucrats the authority to decide what is “equitable” online and potentially stifle free expression under the guise of fairness.

The FCC’s decision to greenlight this plan is a devastating blow to the freedom and autonomy of the Internet. It’s a dark day for the digital frontier, as the Biden Administration and their allies in the FCC are poised to lord over the online realm with an iron fist, trampling on the principles of liberty and free enterprise. The relentless march towards government control of the Internet must be met with fierce resistance from all who cherish the freedom of the online world.

Written by Staff Reports

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