Biden’s Gas Station Flop: No Cheers, All Jeers While Trump Wows the Crowd

The article talks about how Joe Biden, the current Democrat President, tried to mimic former President Donald Trump’s successful visit to a bodega by going to a gas station in Sheetz Pennsylvania. But instead of being greeted with enthusiasm like Trump, Biden was ignored by everyone there.

The writer makes a sarcastic remark about how despite Biden winning the election, he still struggles to attract large crowds to his rallies. Even with record-breaking votes, the article criticizes how Biden’s events have a small turnout, with only 50 people showing up. It questions Biden’s popularity and wonders why he can’t draw the same level of support as Trump did.


The story also mentions social media criticism aimed at Biden when photos of empty seats at his campaign event in Scranton, Pennsylvania went viral. Conservatives like Brigitte Gabriel and Benny Johnson mocked the lackluster attendance, highlighting the apparent lack of enthusiasm for Biden.

In contrast, the article praises Trump’s visit to a bodega in Harlem, where people gathered around him and even sang the national anthem. The writer admires how Trump’s presence commanded attention and respect from a diverse crowd. This stark comparison between how Trump and Biden are received in public settings reinforces the conservative opinion that Trump is a more charismatic and impactful leader.

Ultimately, the article paints a picture of Biden’s failed attempt to emulate Trump’s success in connecting with the American people. The writer’s use of humor and critical commentary reflects a conservative perspective that favors Trump’s leadership style over Biden’s, suggesting that Biden’s lackluster reception at the gas station is indicative of his shortcomings as a leader.

Written by Staff Reports

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