Biden’s Memory Woes: Hur Report Exposes Disturbing Truths, Disaster Ensues

In a scathing report, the Hur report exposed just how dire President Joe Biden’s handling of classified information was during his time as a private citizen. And if that wasn’t humiliating enough for Biden, special counsel Robert Hur also raised concerns about Biden’s memory lapses, dating all the way back to 2017 when he was a sprightly 74 years old.

It’s no surprise that Biden’s memory was found lacking. According to Hur, Biden often presented himself as a sympathetic, well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory. Well, Joe, sympathy can only get you so far when you’re in charge of running the country.

During recorded interviews and his subsequent interview with Hur’s office, Biden’s memory was shown to be significantly limited. He struggled to remember events, often straining to read his own notebook entries. But it gets worse. Biden couldn’t even remember when he was vice president, forgetting not only when his term ended but also when it began. And let’s not forget (pun intended) that he couldn’t even remember when his own son passed away. Talk about memory woes.

Unfortunately for Biden, his response to this damning report did him no favors. His impromptu press conference was a disaster, filled with angry denunciations of Hur, yelling at reporters, and, you guessed it, confusing the names of world leaders. Seriously, Joe, can you try to keep it together?

Now, over at CNN, they were quick to sound the alarm bells about the criminal aspects of the report. But let’s be real here. An indictment might have been a better outcome for Biden. Why? Because, as Republican political strategist Scott Jennings pointed out, the primary issue plaguing Biden’s campaign is the American people’s lack of confidence in his mental acuity. And this report, which detailed his inability to remember crucial details, only hammered home that point. No jury would convict him because they’d feel sorry for the old forgetful guy. Ouch.

Jennings made another brilliant observation. Biden’s mental faculties seemed to be severely diminished when dealing with crises. Case in point: his disastrous interview following the start of the Israel-Hamas war. If the president can’t handle a crisis, what hope do we have?

Let’s face it, an indictment might be bad, but at least Biden could fight the allegations in a court of law. But trying to convince the public that you’re mentally fit to lead is a whole different ball game. And Biden’s every appearance, including his attempt to counter the report’s claims, only further proved the point.

Scott Jennings hit the nail on the head. Biden would have been better off getting indicted than having to continuously defend his age and fitness to lead. Voters have had concerns about these issues since day one, and the findings from the special counsel appointed by Biden’s own Attorney General only reinforce those concerns. It’s clear that Biden’s memory problems are no laughing matter, and they certainly don’t inspire confidence in his ability to lead our great nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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