Biden’s National Security Screw-Ups: Terror Threats and Foreign Policy Fiascos

It’s time to face the music—President Biden’s national security track record is a disaster. From botched foreign policy moves to rising terrorist threats, this administration has put our country in a dangerous spot. Let’s dive into the mess Biden’s created and see just how bad things are.

First off, remember the Afghanistan debacle? Biden’s chaotic withdrawal in 2021 wasn’t just a blunder—it was a full-blown catastrophe. The hasty, poorly planned exit handed the Taliban the keys to the country and left behind billions of dollars in military gear. Now, Afghanistan is back to being a terrorist playground. ISIS-K and al-Qaeda are getting stronger by the day, posing threats to us and our allies.

The tragic Kabul airport bombing in August 2021, which killed 13 American service members and over 170 Afghan civilians, was a direct result of this administration's failures. This was entirely avoidable, yet Biden’s decisions led to unnecessary loss of life and left us vulnerable.

Then there's the Iranian nuclear threat. Biden’s push to revive the Iran nuclear deal has only emboldened the Iranian regime. Despite all the talk of diplomacy, Iran is now closer than ever to building a nuclear weapon. Just recently, uranium particles enriched to near-weapons grade levels were found in Iran—clear proof that Biden’s approach is dangerously naive.

On the foreign policy front, Biden’s handling of the Ukraine crisis has been a disaster. His weak, indecisive response to Russia’s aggression gave Putin the green light to invade Ukraine in early 2022. Thousands have died, cities have been destroyed, and a massive humanitarian crisis has unfolded. Biden eventually imposed sanctions and sent military aid, but his initial hesitation allowed Putin to act without fear.

China is another story. Under Biden’s weak leadership, China has been pushing its weight around in the South China Sea, bullying Taiwan, and spying on us. Remember the spy balloon that floated across the U.S. before we finally shot it down? That’s just one example of how unprepared and slow this administration has been.

Even our alliances are taking a hit. Biden’s rushed decision to pull out of Afghanistan without consulting our NATO allies strained relationships and undermined trust. The botched submarine deal with Australia, which blindsided France, sparked a diplomatic crisis and showed how poorly this administration handles critical alliances.

Don’t forget the border crisis—it’s a national security nightmare. With record numbers of illegal crossings, drug cartels and human traffickers are having a field day. Fentanyl, smuggled across the southern border, is killing Americans at an unprecedented rate. Yet, the Biden administration continues to ignore the problem.

So, what’s the solution? We need strong, decisive leadership that puts America’s security first. Rebuild our military strength, secure our borders, and stand firm against adversaries like China, Russia, and Iran. It’s time to ditch the dangerous policies of appeasement and weakness.

Biden’s national security screw-ups are putting our country at risk. From rising terrorism to foreign policy blunders, this administration has jeopardized our safety and global standing. As conservatives, we must keep fighting for strong, principled leadership that prioritizes America’s security and sovereignty. Our future depends on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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