Biden’s Shocking $16 Billion Disaster Relief Demand Exposed!

The Biden government wants an extra $4 billion to help deal with the recent string of natural disasters. It seems like climate change is making wildfires, floods, and hurricanes worse, and the cost of dealing with these events is going through the roof. At first, the government asked for an extra $12 billion for the disaster relief fund of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Now, they think that a total of $16 billion is needed.

Deanne Criswell, who is in charge of FEMA, had said before that $12 billion would be enough to cover the agency's needs until the end of the fiscal year. But the situation has changed because of recent fires in Hawaii and Louisiana, floods in Vermont, and Hurricane Idalia hitting Florida and other states in the Southeast. The $16 billion extra request will hold things over until the end of the fiscal year, but Criswell says that more money might be needed if more storms happen.

President Biden is frustrated with politicians who don't want to give the extra money because they think it's not needed. Biden went to FEMA's offices and said, "We need this disaster relief request to be met, and we need it in September." It didn't take long for the White House Office of Management and Budget to agree, and it didn't take long for another $4 billion to be added to the measure to provide extra cash. This bill also includes money to help Ukraine in its fight with Russia and to help people who are addicted to fentanyl.

It's clear that the Biden government is concerned about the effects of natural disasters and is committed to giving the resources needed to deal with these problems. But the fact that more money is needed shows how dangerous climate change is becoming and how much more money U.S. people have to pay for it. Those who have been hurt by these terrible events will hopefully get the help and comfort they need from this extra money.

Written by Staff Reports

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