Biden’s Sly Border Wall Maneuver Ambushes Unassuming GOP

According to Mike Miller, the situation at the border has been getting worse. He noted that the number of Chinese immigrants entering the US has increased by over 800 percent. It would be understandable if this influx of men from a hostile nation would cause concern. Joe Biden is not interested in addressing the issue. He seems more concerned with undoing Donald Trump's efforts to secure our borders.

When Joe Biden became the new president, he immediately stopped the construction of the border wall. He also left behind all the materials that were ordered for the project. It is astonishing how a petty and small-time politician like Biden would rather spend taxpayer money on something that doesn't protect the country than finish a project that was vital to the security of our citizens.

In 2021, Senate Republicans pointed out that Biden had misspent about $2 billion on the unused wall components. Also, according to investigators, the Department of Defense still paid the US military around $130,000 a day for the materials stored in its facilities.

Things got even worse when the Democrat-controlled Senate passed a Republican bill that would have allowed states to use the materials left behind by Biden to finish the wall. The bill, which was referred to as the "Finish It Act," speaks volumes about the severity of the border crisis.

As the House prepares to pass the legislation that would require him to use the materials for the border wall, Biden is trying to sell the entire project at a loss. It is a shameful act that shows how little he cares about border security and securing the country.

The materials are currently being offered for sale through GovPlanet, a website that allows people to auction off their surplus. The sellers are prohibited from mentioning that they are border wall materials, which could result in their loss of their jobs. It is unbelievable that Biden would rather have terrorists operating at the border while he is trying to sell border security equipment at a loss.

It is outrageous and shows how Bidenomics is all about putting the country at risk. He has no shame about leaving our country's borders vulnerable.

Written by Staff Reports

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