Biden’s Support Crumbles Over Israel Stance, Dems Bolt to “Uncommitted”

Oh boy, hold onto your hats, folks, because it looks like President Joe Biden is in hot water over his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, and this could spell trouble for him in the upcoming primary contests! The Biden camp is definitely feeling the burn after their “uncommitted” campaign gained serious traction during the Michigan primary, putting a dent in the president’s otherwise decisive victory.

Even though Biden walked away with a whopping 81.1% of the vote, the “uncommitted” campaign managed to snag over 101,000 votes, landing a solid 13.3% of the total share. You betcha they were aiming for a modest 10,000 votes, and boy, did they exceed that goal! Looks like there’s some major dissatisfaction brewing among Arab and Muslim voters over Biden’s hesitance to call for a ceasefire in the Middle East, and that sentiment is spreading like wildfire as we gear up for those critical Super Tuesday contests in 15 states and one territory.

Hold onto your cowboy hats, y’all, because at least nine of those states offer an alternative option for voters who are just not feeling the Biden vibe. Folks in Colorado, Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Iowa can show their displeasure by voting “uncommitted,” “no preference,” or even scribbling in their own choice. In fact, those progressive activists in Colorado are already revving up a “vote uncommitted” campaign against ol’ Biden. Deep Singh Badhesha, a Denver-based firecracker, is refusing to cast his ballot for the president and is shouting it from the rooftops!

But that’s not all, folks! In Minnesota, home to the progressive powerhouse Rep. Ilhan Omar, the “Abandon Biden” campaign is holding nothing back, urging Democratic voters to make their voices heard by voting “uncommitted.” Rep. Omar, a fierce advocate for a ceasefire in Gaza, is leading the charge, and you better believe she’s not holding back on her social media platforms!

And hold onto your Stetsons, folks, because an exit poll of 527 Muslim voters in Michigan’s primary showed that a whopping 94% went for the “uncommitted” option, leaving Biden in the dust. Looks like the fury is real, and it’s hitting the crucial battleground states hard! Even in places like Washtenaw County and Ingham County, where the universities are located, the “uncommitted” vote is making serious waves.

Political scientist Mack Shelley from Iowa State University is sounding the alarm bells for the Biden campaign, warning them that losing 13.3% of the vote to “uncommitted” is downright embarrassing. Shelley’s not holding back, folks, and he’s making it clear that Biden needs to pay attention to these protest voters before it’s too late. And it looks like Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are keeping mum about those 101,000 “uncommitted” voters, but that’s not going to make this problem go away, folks.

Looks like Biden’s cozy relationship with Israel might be coming back to bite him, as his reluctance to push for a ceasefire is definitely not sitting well with Arab, Muslim, and young voters. Yikes! If he doesn’t get a grip on this anger over the Israel-Hamas war, he could be in some serious hot water come November. So, buckle up, folks, this could be a bumpy ride for ol’ Biden as he tries to hold onto his winning coalition from 2020.

Written by Staff Reports

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