Border Crisis Escalates as Illegal Crossings Surge Under Biden Administration

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in illegal crossings at the United States border. This has become a major concern for many people, especially under President Biden’s administration. The number of individuals known as ‘got-aways’, who enter the country illegally without being apprehended by authorities, has grown substantially under President Biden. News correspondent Bill Melugin obtained exclusive statistics that show a dramatic increase in these ‘got-aways’ in recent years. The recorded number of these individuals ranged from approximately 86,000 to 171,000 annually between 2010 and 2020. However, after Biden took office in 2021, the numbers shot up to over 387,000 and continued to increase dramatically in the following years.

The significant spike in illegal crossings and ‘got-aways’ is a cause for concern as it poses challenges for law enforcement and border patrol. The increased number of illegal immigrants entering the country under President Biden’s administration is estimated to be over two million. While not all of these individuals pose a threat, there is a concern that some may have criminal backgrounds or problematic affiliations. This was highlighted in a recent incident where two individuals, including one on the U.S. government’s terrorist watch list, attempted to force themselves onto a military base.

The consequences of this surge in illegal immigration will have lasting impacts, and it is a matter that is being closely monitored by officials. There is also a growing concern over suggestions that migrants could fill certain job shortages, such as NYC’s lifeguard shortage, which has caused controversy and raised questions about the impact of the current border crisis.

Written by Staff Reports

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