Brantley Gilbert Fights Back: Woke Culture vs. Good Ol’ Punch in the Face

Country singer Brantley Gilbert showed his rebellious side during a performance over the weekend, stating that he was disappointed that no one gets punched in the face anymore.

Due to the backlash that he received after releasing his song "Try that in a small town," Gilbert decided to address the issue in an open letter. He talked about the courage of individuals who refused to be intimidated by violent acts and unpatriotic protests. He also criticized those who use keyboards to hide their ideas.

He also released a new song, which he referred to as "Bury Me Upside down." The goal of the song is to connect with his fans.

One of Gilbert's pet peeves is that nowadays, people don't punch each other in the face due to keyboard warriors hiding behind their devices and computers.

It's no surprise that Gilbert would go against what he believes is a woke culture, as he has been vocal about his opinions on issues that he considers to be politically incorrect. He became famous after he destroyed several cases of Bud Light during a performance. His fans supported him for not following politically correct trends.

Despite the controversial content of his song, it was still able to gain a huge following and reach the top spot on iTunes. The success of the song prompted a Republican governor to invite country music star Jason Aldean to perform at his event.

President Donald Trump commended Aldean after the Country Music Association removed the music video for his song "Try That in a Small Town" due to the content that it featured, which was reportedly from left-wing protesters.

Country music stars such as Gilbert and Jason Aldean are refreshing due to their outspokenness. They're able to keep their integrity even while being criticized by the left-wing. Such individuals should be commended for standing up for American values and free speech.


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