Brave School REJECTS This Woke Policy

One school board has just heroically stood up to that woke "diversity" push and fought back, saying that it's high time that they find things that unite those in the district rather than focusing on what divides them, despite the fact that many school boards around the nation have gone woke and helped the left push its insane, radical, and anti-white Critical Race Theory-type "lessons" on the impressionable minds of young pupils around the nation. This is despite the fact that many school boards

NPR, while being taxpayer-funded and hence ostensibly politically impartial on matters of politics, was incensed that the Derby school board had elected not to accept the most recent "diversity" drive when the news of what occurred at the meeting was reported by NPR. It stated the following in its report and commentary on the meeting and the events that took place:

A proposed strategy plan for the Derby school district has been rejected by the school board due to the fact that it encourages diversity and places an emphasis on the mental health of children.

Over the course of the previous few months, dozens of parents, students, staff, and members of the community collaborated on the development of the proposal, which was ultimately shot down by the board this week.

Michael Blankenship, who is the president of the board, was quoted as saying, "I don't think focusing on diversity is going to (help) our kids, academically." "Rather than trying to point out our differences…we should try to find things that make us unite," the speaker said. It is important that we discover areas of agreement."

Blankenship, Jennifer Neel, Andy Watkins, and Robyn Pearman, who make up the board's conservative majority, all cast their votes against the motion.

Additionally, Blankenship wasn't the only one who resisted the order. Neel voiced their disagreement with the diversity plan, which included the formation of an advisory group that would report on "diversity" patterns in the district, stating that:

"How is that even permitted?" It baffles me how the idea of hiring someone based on the color of their skin rather than on their qualifications was even included in this paper in the first place.

"I was unaware that this was a point of contention. My fear is that we are practicing discrimination against people whether we are employing them or enrolling them in our programs… We are going to give it a measurement right now. Now because we are going to focus on it, it appears like we are discriminating against them.

Congratulations to her! It seems like Neel is one of the few people who still has the guts to condemn anti-white bigotry in today's society.

The conservatives on the board courageously stood up to the "current thing" and rejected the "diversity proposal" because they'd rather unify than split. As a result, the diversity plan was voted down in a vote that was 4-3. Congratulations to them!

To make matters even more encouraging, it appears that this is not the only instance in which the Derby School Board has defied the demands of the awakened rabble. It has continued to do so in recent years as well, and NPR notes that:

Earlier on in 2018, many members of the school board approached a high school administrator with a request for an apology after the latter aired a film about white privilege during an employee meeting.

A contentious book about the experience of Native Americans was taken off of a list of materials that were allowed to be used in classrooms by the district.

In addition, there have been recent concerns made by certain board members over a textbook publisher due to the publisher's backing of Black Lives Matter and other anti-racism movements.

Therefore, this board forced a teacher to apologize for trying to indoctrinate staff with an anti-white video, protected children from having to read some unbearably woke novel about the Indians, and fought back against the district buying books from an obviously ideologically biased textbook publisher. All of these accomplishments can be attributed to this board. It seems very cool to me, but I wish more school boards were structured in the same way.

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