Bud Light Tanks: Shocks Conservs with Toronto Pride Feud, 30% Sales Plunge!

Bud Light once again insults conservative values by sponsoring a Toronto pride event that featured deeply controversial entertainment featuring naked adults, despite the presence of children. Even though the event had a minimum age requirement of 19+, performers freely paraded topless, endangering the innocence of children in the surrounding area. Bud Light’s misguided attempt to support a degenerate “pride” happening only causes resentment and division among the public.

This comes after Bud Light faced a massive boycott in April when they partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The boycott has caused Bud Light’s sales to plummet, as people continue to boycott the brand that seemingly set out to insult and degrade their values. Sales records from June reveal a 30.3% decrease from the same period the previous year – the largest weekly drop since the campaign began.

Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth claims he has “heard” the company’s customers, but he has never apologized for approving such an offensive partnership. Instead, he tells us that Bud Light will be launching summer advertising that focuses on what the brand does best – brewing great beer – and reinforcing what customers have always loved about Bud Light: that it’s easy to drink and easy to enjoy. However, it is apparent that these are empty words as Bud Light continues to support events that offend their valued customers.

Bud Light’s condescending attitude towards their conservative customers is arrogant and disappointing. It is time for the brand to realize that patriotism, hard work, and perseverance are values at the core of the American identity – values that many of their consumers hold dear. Until they respect those values and act accordingly, they will have to suffer the financial consequences of their ill-advised marketing choices.

Written by Staff Reports

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