Bud Light’s $185K Woke Fail: Loses Millions, Topples from Top 10 Beer Brands

New evidence has emerged that exposes the true extent of Bud Light’s partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, the controversial transgender media influencer. It turns out that Bud Light actually forked over a massive sum of $185,000 to Mulvaney, shattering their previous claims of a small online advertising role. This payment, made several months after the controversy erupted, clearly indicates that there was much more at play than initially suggested.

Conservatives wasted no time in pouncing on this revelation as proof that Bud Light had succumbed to the “woke” agenda, desperately trying to appeal to younger beer drinkers who had abandoned their subpar brews. It’s no secret that craft beers have been stealing the spotlight, so Bud Light thought they could hop on the bandwagon by associating themselves with Mulvaney’s Instagram post. The image featured Mulvaney glamorously lounging in a bubble bath with a custom Bud Light can adorned with her own face. Truly riveting content.

Vice President of Marketing, Alissa Heinerscheid, even had the audacity to insult Bud Light’s loyal customers, arrogantly referring to them as “fratty” and “out of touch.” It’s no wonder she was shown the door and given a one-way ticket out of the company. Good riddance.

According to reporter Steven Crowder, no reasonable person would shell out such a ridiculous sum of money to an influencer unless they had big plans for a national campaign. Bud Light clearly saw this as an opportunity to test the waters and tap into the woke market. Unfortunately for them, their scheme fell flat on its face.

Bud Light’s feeble attempts to downplay this partnership as a minor blip on the radar were met with widespread skepticism. The brand lost a staggering $5 million in market cap and suffered a drastic drop in sales, ultimately falling out of the top 10 beer brands in America. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Their subsidiary partners have also paid the price, with hundreds of jobs lost and desperate pleas for distributors to carry their now tarnished brand.

It’s truly a shame to witness the downfall of Bud Light, once known as America’s beer. This stunt not only tarnished their reputation but also exposed them as a company willing to prioritize left-wing pandering over their loyal customers. Perhaps they’ll learn their lesson and go back to brewing good old-fashioned beer instead of chasing after the fleeting trends of the woke brigade.

Written by Staff Reports

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