Buttigieg Dodges on Bridge Rebuild: No Plan, No Price Tag from Biden Admin!

In a recent update on the tragic accident involving the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg refused to give a definitive dollar amount or timeframe for President Joe Biden’s pledge to rebuild the collapsed bridge after it was hit by a massive container ship. It’s clear that the Biden administration is playing the waiting game, with Buttigieg stating, “It is too soon to be certain” about the costs and duration of the construction, as well as the economic impact of the disaster.

Buttigieg emphasized the complexity and expense of the reconstruction, noting that “rebuilding will not be quick, or easy, or cheap, but we will get it done.” The secretary highlighted the lengthy construction period of the original bridge, which took five years to complete, to underscore the magnitude of the undertaking ahead.

With the search and rescue efforts for the missing individuals transitioning to a recovery mission, Buttigieg stressed the importance of not jumping ahead of the investigation, including the National Transportation Safety Board’s inquiry into the incident. He pointed out that the 1970s-era bridge was not designed to withstand a direct impact from a massive vessel, raising questions about whether any known design enhancements could have mitigated the damage.

Despite the urgency of the situation, Buttigieg and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre remained vague on when President Biden would reach out to the families of the missing construction workers and his plans to visit the site. This lack of clarity underscores the administration’s failure to take prompt and decisive action in the face of a major infrastructure crisis.

Buttigieg also pre-emptively appealed for bipartisan support in the event that the administration needs additional funding from Congress for the bridge’s reconstruction, highlighting the need for unity across party lines. Yet, the Biden administration’s handling of this crisis leaves much to be desired, from the failure to provide concrete details on the president’s engagement with the affected families to the lack of a clear strategy for addressing the bridge collapse.

While U.S. Coast Guard Vice Adm. Peter Gautier reassured the public that the hazardous material aboard the cargo ship did not pose a risk, the focus should remain on holding the Biden administration accountable for its response to this disaster and the subsequent reconstruction efforts. The people of Baltimore and the entire nation deserve a more proactive and competent approach from their leaders in addressing infrastructure challenges of this magnitude.

Written by Staff Reports

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