CBS Guest Downgrades Women to ‘Menstruators’, Pushes for Gender-Inclusive Sanitary Products!

In yet another attempt by the left to push their woke agenda, CBS Mornings featured the CEO of a period products company who proudly announced their new “gender-inclusive” brand for “menstruators.” Yes, you read that right. Instead of simply referring to women or girls on their periods, the CEO, Nadya Okamoto, opted for the term “menstruators,” implying that anyone, regardless of gender, can experience menstruation.

Now, let’s be clear. It’s commendable that Okamoto wants to address period poverty and destigmatize periods. But her solution, to reduce women to a mere biological function, is absolutely ridiculous. And let’s not forget that she used the term “period blood” and even mentioned blood clots, making us all cringe a bit.

But back to the issue at hand. Okamoto touted her company, August, as a “period-positive, gender-inclusive brand.” She emphasized that their packaging states they are there for “everyone who menstruates,” which is apparently a statement of triumph against transphobia.

Stop right there. We need to address the misuse of the term “phobia” by the left. Opposition to something based on differing values or beliefs is not a phobia. It’s called having an opinion. The left loves to attach “phobia” to words to ridicule and dismiss those who disagree with them. Maybe it’s time we start labeling them as Christianphobic or Second-Amendmentphobic.

And speaking of labels, how is it empowering for women when leftists refuse to even call them women? I guess we should defer to Supreme Court Associate Justice Ketanji Jackson Brown, who believes that defining the term “woman” is beyond the comprehension of anyone who isn’t a biologist. Give me a break.

Look, it’s great to support gender equality and address real issues like period poverty. But let’s not erase the fact that women are the ones who experience menstruation. It’s biology. It’s science. Let’s not get caught up in this bizarre attempt to make everything “gender-inclusive” and forget about the reality of our biology. It’s just plain silly.

Source= RedState

Written by Staff Reports

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