Biden Cocaine Mystery Grows: Admin’s Shocking Silence Exposed!

The White House cocaine saga continues to unfold, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Biden administration has something to hide. The ever-evolving story, coupled with the lack of transparency from the team, is raising eyebrows and leaving many skeptical.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to clarify where the cocaine was found and failed to provide a reasonable explanation for her silence. Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates also dodged questions, refusing to even commit to revealing the identity of the culprit if it was discovered. When pressed on whether the cocaine belonged to Hunter or Joe Biden, he sidestepped the question with a feeble excuse about the Hatch Act.

Even Democrats and lawyers joined in denouncing Bates’ response, calling it a terrible excuse and unrelated to the Hatch Act. To make matters worse, Bates then went on to attack former President Trump, potentially violating the same Act he had claimed prevented him from giving a straightforward answer.

President Biden’s own response hasn’t fared any better. He laughed off the question one day and avoided it altogether the next. Even MSNBC, a left-leaning news outlet, expressed doubt about the administration’s claims, finding it hard to believe that they couldn’t identify the owner with the abundance of cameras in the White House. According to their sources, the latest update places the cocaine in the West Wing basement entrance area, though who knows if that will change again.

If even MSNBC isn’t buying the White House’s story, it’s clear that their attempts to sell it are falling flat. Their refusal to be transparent or definitively deny the involvement of Hunter or Joe Biden only adds to the suspicion that they have something to hide.

In a blatant display of avoidance, Biden refused to answer any more questions on the matter and even called for an early lid, effectively closing off any further inquiries. It seems that the administration believes they can sweep this issue under the rug, treating it as if it’s none of the American people’s business.

But there’s something else worth noting. Biden’s recent arrival back in D.C. featured a change in protocol. Instead of using the long stairs of Air Force One, he opted for the shorter ones. Could this be an acknowledgment of his well-known tripping problem? It certainly seems that way.

No amount of early lids or staircase reforms can hide the fact that there is a real problem in the White House. The American people deserve answers, and it’s clear that the Biden administration is doing everything in their power to avoid providing them. It’s time for transparency and accountability.

Written by Staff Reports

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