Chaos Peddler Goes Viral: Illegals’ TikTok Mentor Mocks US Law!

A sneaky illegal alien troublemaker, Leonel Moreno, is causing mayhem and chaos with his outrageous TikTok videos teaching other lawbreakers how to take over American homes. This man is a Venezuelan national who shamelessly snuck into the United States in April 2022 and has been living large in Columbus, Ohio, flaunting his family’s food stamps and other welfare benefits like they’re a badge of honor.

In a mind-boggling TikTok video, Moreno brags about how he and his “African friends” have brazenly seized seven homes already and are eyeing more properties to invade! This delinquent even has the audacity to call this criminal activity his “next business.” Can you believe the nerve of this guy?

And get this – instead of abiding by the rules like a decent human being, Moreno has slipped through the cracks and is now classified as an “absconder.” This means he’s on the run from immigration officials, trying to avoid being caught for his flagrant disregard for the law. It’s a disgrace that our tax dollars are spent on accommodating these shifty characters.

To add insult to injury, Moreno openly admits he doesn’t like to work and spouts nonsense like “Work is for slaves” and “You have to be creative to ask for money.” This lazy freeloader is shamelessly promoting a parasitic lifestyle, leeching off hardworking Americans who obey the law and contribute to society.

Former ICE official John Fabbricatore rightly points out that the Biden administration’s feeble Alternatives to Detention program has become a massive failure, allowing over a million people to slip through the cracks. It’s high time for our leaders to wake up and take real action to protect our borders and keep dangerous and disrespectful individuals like Moreno out of our country.

This outrageous behavior should not be tolerated, and it’s up to patriotic Americans to stand up and demand that our immigration system be overhauled to prevent more scheming troublemakers like Moreno from taking advantage of our country’s generosity. Work is not for slaves, but neither is breaking the law and disrespecting the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Written by Staff Reports

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