Cherokee Nation’s Bold Move: Justice or Attack on Tradition?

The Cherokee Nation has taken a bold step in urging Congress to revamp the outdated 1885 federal Major Crimes Act, particularly challenging the “Indian blood” requirement for criminal jurisdiction on tribal lands. This move has stirred up quite the fuss in the political scene, with some hailing it as a move towards justice and others viewing it as an affront to tradition.

As a conservative republican news writer, it’s clear to see that this proposed reform is a dangerous path to tread. The notion that tribal citizens must meet certain “blood quantum” levels to face prosecution on tribal land is not out of line – after all, rules are rules. If we start dismantling such long-standing principles, what’s next? Will dogs be allowed to vote? It’s a slippery slope, folks!

Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr.’s talk of “equality for all of our citizens” is all well and good, but what about the rights of the Cherokee citizens who have dutifully met the blood quantum requirements for generations? Should their heritage be tossed aside in the name of political correctness and so-called inclusivity?

The case of Michael J. Hill, a Cherokee Nation citizen embroiled in a legal battle due to his lack of sufficient “Indian blood,” should serve as a cautionary tale. The law is crystal clear – without the proper bloodlines, one simply cannot claim the privileges of tribal membership. To suggest otherwise is not just illogical, but downright disrespectful to those who have upheld these traditions for centuries.

In a time where our values and traditions are constantly under attack, we must stand firm in defense of what makes us unique. The Cherokee Nation’s call for Congress to overturn the Major Crimes Act’s “Indian blood” requirement is nothing short of a misguided attempt to rewrite history. Let’s not forget our roots – they’re what make us who we are.

Written by Staff Reports

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