Chris Christie’s Niece Unleashes Boozy Airport Mayhem: ‘VIP’ Status Fail!

Unexpectedly, Shannon Epstein, a relative of Republican presidential contender Chris Christie and the niece of former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, is now being charged formally in connection with a violent incident that occurred at the airport in New Orleans last year. Two misdemeanor counts of disturbing the peace by intoxicating oneself in public and one felony count of resisting police by force or violence are included in the charges.

These charges were brought by the Jefferson Parish District Attorney's Office in relation to an incident that occurred on November 24, 2022. After Epstein, a traveler on a Spirit Airlines trip from New Orleans to Newark, allegedly made offensive remarks to a Hispanic family, the crew decided to take her out of the aircraft and return to the gate.

When deputies showed up to take Epstein into custody, the scene got worse. She reportedly identified herself as Chris Christie's daughter and threatened law enforcement personnel, saying, "Do you know who I am?," refusing to leave the jet bridge. My name is Chris Christie, and you seem extremely well-fed. Because of this, you will lose your employment. Donald Trump is someone I know." Deputies intervened as a result of this behavior.

Epstein is accused of kicking, punching, and spitting at the officers during the attempted arrest. One deputy's arm was bit, causing a skin break. Because of Epstein's resistance, it took wheelchairs, leg shackles, and handcuffs to eventually get her into jail.

Initial accusations included resisting arrest, disturbing the peace, battery of a police officer, and staying in an area that was prohibited. Epstein repeatedly brought up her family ties during the fight and threatened to fire the deputies.

Neither Epstein nor her uncle Chris Christie have answered inquiries for comment as of yet. Epstein may spend one to three years in prison if found guilty of resisting arrest. The case's developing facts highlight the fact that even those with strong family ties may face legal repercussions.


Written by Staff Reports

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