Conservative Americans Distressed by Rising Campus Protests

Conservative Americans are feeling distressed about the surge of protests taking place on college campuses. These protests have been marked by escalating intensity, leading some to fear that they may eventually result in loss of life. One particularly alarming incident involved a mob of pro-Hamas students attempting to take over a building on the Columbia University campus. N.D. Wilson, who shared a video of his son and his friend courageously holding the door against the angry mob, expressed his frustration with the lack of support from the campus security and the NYPD.

The resilience and bravery displayed by these young students are commendable, but it is concerning that they had to face such a threatening situation without adequate assistance from staff or authorities. The fact that Columbia University is allowing these protests to continue is troubling, and they may bear responsibility when these non-peaceful protests turn into chaos.

The behavior of the protesters, particularly the pro-Hamas students, has been described as intimidating and destructive. This type of behavior is fueled by ignorance and a mob mentality, and it is unacceptable. As the protests continue, the risk of violence and harm to students and faculty increases.

The recent ceasefire proposal offered by President Biden to Hamas has been criticized for sending a weak message and potentially emboldening pro-Hamas advocates on college campuses. This could create a dangerous situation, as it may encourage further aggression and violence by these protesters. The protests at Columbia University serve as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of appeasing terrorist organizations like Hamas.

In the midst of these challenges, it is essential to uphold courageous examples like that of Pastor Wilson’s grandson and his friend. Their steadfastness in the face of adversity should be emulated as a response to terrorism and aggressive protests. It is crucial for authorities to take swift and decisive action to address these protests and prevent them from escalating further.

The unrest on college campuses reflects a broader trend of ignorance and failure, and it is imperative to confront these issues with resolve and leadership. The future of the country may indeed be at stake, and it is crucial to stand up for what is right and oppose actions that compromise the safety and well-being of students and the broader community.

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