Crowd Roars as MTG Tells Zelensky: “Hands Off OUR Children!”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks at CPAC

During the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) made a strong statement criticizing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s remarks about the consequences of losing the war with Russia. MGT, who has been vocal against U.S. support for Ukraine, objected to Zelensky’s suggestion that a Russian attack on a NATO member state might lead to the deployment of American forces in the area.

Greene stated, “And I will tell Zelensky directly, in front of a camera, to stay away from our sons and daughters because they’re not dying over there.” The crowd applauded in agreement with her statement.

The comments from Zelensky, which were made in February, raised concerns about the stability of neighboring countries that are members of the NATO alliance, such as the Baltic nations. He said, “The US will have to send their sons and daughters to war in the same way that we are sending our sons and daughters to war. Then they will fight, since it’s NATO we’re talking about, and they will die.”

At CPAC, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reaffirmed her stance as a fierce advocate for American lives and a vocal opponent of U.S. participation in overseas wars. Through her remarks, she underscored her dedication to shielding our courageous soldiers from unnecessary risks. It’s apparent that she holds the belief that the United States must abstain from foreign disputes unless utterly unavoidable, and that our troops must not be endangered for the sake of other nations’ interests.

The United States should not be dragged into foreign wars that do not directly benefit our citizens or our national security. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s comments at CPAC demonstrate her commitment to this principle and her dedication to protecting the lives of our brave service members. It is time for the United States to take a more cautious approach to foreign policy and to focus on protecting American lives first and foremost.

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