Defiant Lawmaker Snubs Biden & Harris Over Middle East Policy!

Delaware State Rep. Madinah Wilson-Anton certainly made waves when she boldly declared that she wouldn’t cast her vote for President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris in the upcoming 2024 election. And her reasons? Well, they’re as clear-cut as a perfect diamond.

The firebrand lawmaker, who happens to be the first Muslim American elected to the Delaware General Assembly, has been loudly critical of the Biden administration’s involvement in the Israel-Hamas conflict. And let’s just say she didn’t hold back at all when she got an unexpected invite to a holiday party at Harris’s swanky abode.

Wilson-Anton, unimpressed by the glitz and glam of the vice president’s event, let loose her concerns about the situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip right in Harris’s face. Picture this: the state rep, rocking her headscarf like a boss, dramatically took it off to reveal a bold message that said “Ceasefire.” She even hollered at Harris about the sorry state of Christmas in Bethlehem and why the veep doesn’t seem too keen on supporting a peace agreement between Israel and Hamas.

Now, you can almost hear the record scratch in the background when Harris attempted to shut her down with a “Hey, I’m speaking here” retort. But Wilson-Anton wasn’t about to be silenced. No way, no how.

After her no-holds-barred moment at the party, the feisty lawmaker didn’t shy away from speaking her mind to the press. She made it crystal clear that she’s standing her ground and won’t be swayed by fancy shindigs or promises of future discussions. Nope, not happening.

But wait, there’s more! Wilson-Anton dropped a bombshell of advice for Biden and Harris, basically telling them to shape up and fly right if they want to snag the support of Muslims and Arab Americans. Her take? They gotta start showing some real concern for Palestinian lives and human rights by cutting the cash flow to the Israeli military. It’s as if she’s handing out free tough love lessons to the White House.

Despite a weak attempt by the Biden administration to walk back its pro-Israel stance, it’s clear that the president and vice president have some serious work to do if they want to win over folks like Wilson-Anton. And let’s just say their chances are looking about as stable as a one-legged chair at this point.

Written by Staff Reports

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