Dem. Governors caught in $736M Covid relief scandal…you won’t believe where the funds went!

In the latest news, it has been revealed that over $736 million of federal funds intended for K-12 schools and students impacted by the pandemic were not allocated for its intended purpose. The National Opportunity Project found that governors of multiple states have been mismanaging Covid-19 relief funds by spending them on “pet projects” and “slush funds”. The report showed that $157 million was used for these programmes across the 27 states mentioned, from activities such as video game coding to statewide “I Got Vaxxed” competitions.

Founder and President of National Opportunity Project, Patrick Hughes, believes that governors should not be prioritizing other projects when it is our “youngest and most vulnerable students” who require the aid. This mismanagement has led to funds being used ineffectively, with Governor Mike Dunleavy of Alaska spending $1.2 million of EANS funds on a program that uses Minecraft video games to teach coding. Furthermore, West Virginia spent $500,000 on a contest that awards public schools as part of its ‘I Got Vaxxed’ campaign.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, $578 million of the Covid-19 funds have not been spent or allocated even though non-public schools are in desperate need of financial help. Although not all 50 states were ready to report how much they allocated for non-public school students and teachers, it is crystal clear that they handled the situation in 50 different ways. According to the report, at least $585 million of the allocated $736 million has yet to approve non-public schools that need it the most. Some programs were deemed as good, but the funds need to be spent where they are most necessary.

It is saddening to see how Democratic governors are misusing the money they were allotted for education. Instead, this money could have been utilized to bridge the gap between online and in-person learning, providing face masks and shields to students, lowering class sizes to promote social distancing, and augment student learning through summer school programs. Let us hope these politicians remember their duty and prioritize education as it is the foundation of our country’s future.

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