Dem Senators Pull the Plug on Swalwell’s Fang Fang Probe: FBI Suspected Intimacy

Author and former Justice reporter Jerry Dunleavy has shared new information regarding the alleged FBI investigation into Representative Eric Swalwell and his connection to a woman with ties to Chinese intelligence, Fang Fang. This report has raised concerns about the potential politicization of an additional investigation involving a Democrat. Both Fang Fang and Russell Lowe were believed to be affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of State Security, as disclosed by Dunleavy. In San Francisco, they interacted with the CCP espionage bureau and Chinese intelligence officers. However, the FBI decided to provide Swalwell and Feinstein with defensive briefings, effectively ending its investigations into Chinese espionage efforts.

According to a former FBI official, the bureau had evidence that Swalwell and Fang had an intimate relationship. The FBI monitored Fang with FISA and intercepted a number of her actions and communications. The FBI believed that Fang was not herself a Chinese intelligence officer, but rather a willing instrument of Chinese intelligence services. In addition, an investigation into possible unlawful foreign donations, quid pro quo, and bribery was opened against Swalwell. Fang was involved in fundraising for Swalwell's re-election campaign, and the FBI suspected that she facilitated a minor unlawful foreign contribution. The congressman's office also provided Fang's family acquaintance with an internship, which the FBI perceived as a favor.

Russell Lowe, a member of Senator Feinstein's staff, was also under FBI investigation for years. In San Francisco, Lowe conferred with a Chinese intelligence officer, and the FBI was apprehensive about his activities. The FBI drafted a FISA targeting Lowe, but it was never submitted to the FISA Court because it was withdrawn at the eleventh hour. Instead of investigating Lowe's residence, the FBI decided to brief Feinstein on her defenses. Before concluding the case, the FBI agents assigned to the investigation were only instructed to interrogate Lowe.

These instances, according to Dunleavy, demonstrate the politicization of the FBI and the bureau's difficulties in dealing with Chinese intelligence operations in the United States. A briefing provided to President Trump in 2016 was used for investigative purposes, while briefings given to Representatives Swalwell and Feinstein effectively ended the investigations. These instances illustrate the deficiencies of the FBI under the Biden administration.

Dunleavy critiques the Justice Department for its alleged politicization of investigations, specifically those involving Trump and his family, and for the leniency shown to Hunter Biden. He argues that the Democratic Party's dearth of justice has created a "no justice" system in America.

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