Dems in Disarray: Default Looms, GOP Offers Lifeline

As the deadline for the government to stop paying its bills approaches, the Democrats once again show that they are not fit to run the country. Even though President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats made the timeline hard, they continue to act irresponsibly and dangerously by complaining about their position. Representative Pramila Jayapal even says that there could be a “huge backlash” in the “streets.” It’s a sharp contrast to Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s strong leadership and his call for his party to stand with him and raise the debt cap while also cutting spending.

A new CNN poll shows that the majority of Americans agree with the Republican position. 60 percent of Americans don’t want the debt cap to be raised if it doesn’t mean spending will be cut. Only 24 percent don’t care what happens, they want it higher. Most Independents (58%) and almost all Republicans (79%) think that the debt cap should only be raised if spending cuts are also made. Democrats have different ideas. 46% say that the debt cap should be raised without any conditions, while the other 45% say that spending cuts should be made.

Even people who lean toward one side are more worried about their side giving up too much than about the country not paying its debts. 73 percent of Democrats and independents who lean Democratic are more worried that their party will give up too much and important government programs won’t get money, while only 27 percent are worried about default. Republicans and independents who lean Republican are just as worried about government spending staying at its current level as they are about the government not being able to pay its present debts.

It’s time for the Democrats to get their act together and find an answer to this problem that helps the American people. At the time, only Republicans have passed a plan to avoid default. This plan is called the Limit, Save, Grow Act. Because the Democrats can’t come up with a plan, they have no reason to worry about the timetable. Also, the plan wants to go back to the spending amounts of fiscal year 2022, which Democrats were happy to support in the past. The rules include work requirements for benefits, which Biden himself backed when he was a senator, and the return of COVID relief funds that have not been spent.

On the other hand, the Democrats are in a mess, and Jayapal and other leftists don’t want to cut spending. Even scarier is the fact that they are willing to use unconstitutional ways to escape default, like having Biden use the 14th Amendment. As the talks come to a close, which have been back and forth and sometimes even backward, Republicans are still firm that they will raise the debt ceiling. It’s time for the Democrats to join the Republicans in putting aside their political preferences and looking out for the best interests of the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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