Leftists Issue Another Ridiculous Florida Travel Warning

As tensions rise in preparation of Governor Ron DeSantis's announcement that he is running for president, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), another leftist group, has issued a travel warning for Florida during what they call "Florida's most anti-LGBTQ legislative session in history." Just a few weeks ago, Equality Florida sent out a similar warning, saying they were worried about how the state's new laws would affect the LGBTQ community, access to health care, public education, and gun safety.

What's the point of these travel warnings if not to be heard and keep being important? Governor DeSantis has been successful at passing laws that protect constitutional rights and important values. These include bills on constitutional carry, a ban on abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, and protecting children from irreversible procedures that can lead to genital mutilation and sterilization.

DeSantis has also talked about the left's obsession with banning books. At a press conference in March, he talked about the "hoax," bringing up the fact that kids had access to sexually explicit books. Even though the governor is trying to be reasonable, Equality Florida and other groups continue to criticize his leadership and try to get more families and people to think about leaving Florida.

But Florida's economy shows no signs of slowing down. In 2022, 137.6 million people visited the state, which was a record, and so far in 2023, more than 10,000 people from New York have moved to Florida. It's interesting that leftist groups like the NAACP and LULAC also joined the travel warning hype, even though many of their members live or vacation in Florida.

It's clear that these travel warnings from leftist groups are just an attempt to scare people and families into leaving the state, which is run by Republicans. But as more and more people move to Florida, it's clear that the left's attempts to spread fear aren't getting through.

Written by Staff Reports

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