Drugged Woman Allegedly Causes Fatal Car Crash Involving Drunk Driver High-On-Meth

According to a source, a lady under the influence of cocaine is suspected of killing a meth- and alcohol-impaired driver in a horrific collision that happened in Las Vegas in January.

According to court records obtained by KTLA, Summer Butler, 37, is accused of driving while intoxicated that caused death, careless driving, and possessing a controlled narcotic.

The event started on January 14 when officials received a report of a two-car collision. According to the report, Butler's car, which was moving at 73 miles per hour, struck another vehicle from the front as it was making a U-turn in the centre lane. According to the report, the automobile doing the U-turn ejected both the driver and the passenger.

Butler's car slid more than 150 feet before coming to a rest in the middle of a field. All three of the accident victims were transferred to a hospital, where Butler was reportedly "acting erratic [and] had to be sedate by medical staff."

According to KTLA, while Butler was receiving medical attention for her wounds, a "small baggie containing a white substance fell out of the left side of her bra," which was later found to be cocaine. According to the complaint, blood testing later revealed Butler had cocaine and marijuana in her system in addition to a.102 blood alcohol level.

According to the investigation, the man who perished in the collision had blood alcohol levels three times higher than the legal limit in addition to methamphetamine.

Butler had a warrant for her arrest issued in June, and in late August, according to KTLA, she was released on $15,000 bail.

Written by Staff Reports

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