Eco-zealots Jeopardize CO Prosperity with Energy Industry Onslaught

In Colorado, the state of the energy industry is under attack from some radical leftists who want to impose strict environmental regulations that will decimate the oil and gas industries. These regulations are not only a threat to the economy but are also an assault on freedom and common sense.

The American Petroleum Institute Colorado’s director, Kait Schwartz, is speaking out against these extreme measures. Schwartz rightly points out that the proposals being put forward are not only bad for the Colorado economy but are also harmful to the environment. These leftist ideas, like banning development in certain areas and restricting how much people can drive their cars, are downright ridiculous and will only hurt hardworking Coloradans.

The radical left in the Senate has introduced bills that would impose even stricter emission rules and penalties on the energy industry. This is just another example of overreach by big government trying to control every aspect of people’s lives. The proposed Senate Bill 24-159 aims to put an end to the issuance of new oil and gas permits by 2030. This kind of extreme legislation is nothing short of an attack on American energy independence.

Dan Haley, president and CEO of the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, is not backing down from this fight. He has made it clear that they will fight tooth and nail against these damaging bills. Haley understands the importance of the energy industry, not just for Colorado, but for the entire world. The United States is a global leader in oil and natural gas production, and Colorado plays a significant role in this vital industry. The leftists in the Colorado state House need to realize that their actions have consequences that extend far beyond state lines.

J.J. Ament, president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, is also sounding the alarm on the disastrous impact these proposed laws will have on Colorado’s economy. Ament is absolutely right to point out that ill-conceived public policies like these will only hurt businesses and the hardworking people who rely on them for jobs and prosperity.

The representatives from the energy industry are not just fighting back with words; they are also reminding everyone that Colorado already has incredibly high environmental standards. Sara Blackhurst, president and CEO of Action Colorado, an organization serving rural areas, emphasized that the industry is constantly meeting and exceeding environmental goals. The last thing Colorado needs is more burdensome regulations that will stifle progress and innovation.

In conclusion, it’s clear that the left’s radical agenda is a direct threat to Colorado’s economy, energy independence, and the livelihoods of hardworking Americans. The energy industry is not the enemy; it’s a vital part of Colorado’s success and prosperity. The radical left needs to wake up and realize that their extreme environmental regulations will only do more harm than good.

Written by Staff Reports

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