Emergency! Pentagon Shuns Hawaii, Leaves FEMA To Clean Up The Mess

Important role in disaster recovery. We work in partnership with the state and county to ensure that all necessary resources are provided to those affected by the disaster. FEMA stands ready to assist in any way we can to support the state’s efforts.”

Mills’ response comes after the Department of Defense declined to comment on whether it would be providing assistance to Hawaii in the wake of recent disasters. This lack of communication has left many residents concerned about the government’s ability to respond effectively to these emergencies.

While it is true that the state has a role to play in disaster recovery, it is also the federal government’s responsibility to step in and provide aid when necessary. The Department of Defense should not be passing the buck to FEMA; they should be working together to ensure the safety and well-being of all Americans, no matter where they live.

This situation highlights a larger issue with government agencies shirking responsibility and refusing to take action. It is time for our leaders to step up and do their jobs. We cannot afford to have agencies pointing fingers and passing the blame when lives are at stake. The federal government must take a more proactive approach to disaster relief and ensure that all necessary resources are readily available to those in need.

It is also worth noting that Hawaii is a state that is often overlooked in terms of disaster relief. The mainstream media focuses so much attention on the mainland that it sometimes forgets about the needs of those who live in our beautiful island state. It is our duty as Americans to come together and support our fellow citizens, no matter where they may be.

Written by Staff Reports

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