Eric Adams’ Potshot at DeSantis Ends in Epic Failure!

On Twitter, Mayor Eric Adams (D) of New York City criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) trip to Staten Island to showcase his state’s progress in combating crime and retaining law enforcement personnel. Adams emphasized that New York City is a welcoming place that does not discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals, exploit asylum seekers, or restrict women’s access to healthcare.

DeSantis replied on Twitter by highlighting Florida’s record of being a leader in safeguarding law enforcement officers and having a crime rate that is at its lowest point in 50 years. Meanwhile, he noted that New York City experienced a 23% rise in major crimes in 2022. He ended his tweet by stating that politicians who oppose law enforcement should not give in to the demands of the “woke” movement.

DeSantis has scheduled visits to Chicago and Philadelphia, two cities in the United States that have experienced a surge in crime. However, the idea of DeSantis’ visit has not been well-received by the cities’ politicians, with the exception of Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez (D). In a tweet, Lopez suggested that politicians should take responsibility for the crime-prone environments they have created rather than attacking DeSantis.

DeSantis has shown his backing for law enforcement officers in Florida by advocating for legislation that incentivizes Floridians to pursue careers in law enforcement, and also by attracting top-notch law enforcement officers from other states who may have experienced mistreatment in their previous posts. DeSantis has gone beyond words and provided financial support by offering $1,000 scholarships, $5,000 bonuses, and $25,000 adoption incentives.

The visit from DeSantis to New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia has sparked a debate about the importance of law enforcement and the role of politicians in creating pro-crime environments. While many politicians have expressed their disagreement with DeSantis’ visit, it is clear that he is determined to promote the success of Florida’s law enforcement officers and encourage other states to follow suit.

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