Ex-Biden Bigwig Psaki Rattled as Public Poll Indicates Nation in Decline!

During an episode of her show Inside with Jen Psaki, MSNBC anchor Jen Psaki expressed her alarm at the results of a recent poll that gauged the level of patriotism in the country. The New York Times/Sienna poll, which Psaki discussed on Sunday, revealed that 65% of registered voters believed the country was heading in the wrong direction. Psaki highlighted that among these respondents, a staggering 37% believed that America was in danger of failing as a nation.

Psaki began the show by acknowledging her concern over these numbers. She then attempted to instill some optimism by mentioning the passage of 250 bipartisan bills this year and sharing an ad about promoting civility featuring Governors Jared Polis and Spencer Cox. However, she quickly redirected attention to former President Donald Trump and the legal challenges he was facing.

Psaki emphasized that the ongoing legal cases against Trump were not just about one individual’s criminal conduct but also about the future of democracy and the American way of life. She further asserted that a significant portion of the country believed, with valid reasons, that the leader of the opposition was a criminal.

The article also mentioned a Reuters/Ipsos poll from earlier in the month, which indicated that 45% of Republicans would not vote for Trump if he was convicted of a felony by a jury. However, 35% claimed they would vote for him regardless, with the remainder being undecided.

As a conservative writer, it is clear that Psaki’s focus on Trump and his legal troubles seeks to divert attention from the positive aspects of the poll results. Her attempt to quell concerns about the direction of the country fell flat, as she chose to perpetuate a negative narrative about the former president. This biased approach undermines the need for unity and highlights the partisan nature of her reporting.

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