Ex-Capitol Police Chief Blows Lid Off Jan 6 ‘Coverup’ in Unseen Interview!

In a shocking interview with Steven Sund, the former chief of the Capitol Police, he revealed details about the government's mishandling of the January 6 demonstrations. The interview was conducted by Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News host.

Sund criticized Milley and Pelosi for failing to act on intelligence indicating that there could be unrest at the Capitol. He also stated that these disturbances would not have happened if he had been in charge.

Sund noted irregularities that occurred before and during the election, raising the possibility that a cover-up was carried out. He also stated that he was denied information and assistance from the National Guard before the attack.

The revelation raises the question of the federal government's ulterior motive. According to Sund, the government may have wanted to make the protest on January 6 a resounding success. With that in mind, one can only wonder what the government's true intentions were that day.

The interview with Sund provided a deeper understanding of the government's failures and possible manipulation of the events that occurred on January 6. As more excerpts of the discussion are released, it is important to continue questioning the motives and actions of those in power.

Written by Staff Reports

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