Exclusive: Greene Demands Biden’s Impeachment & Prosecution Over Shocking FBI Bribery Doc

In an interview with the Daily Clerical, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, called for Joe Biden's prosecution. Her statement came after the FBI revealed that members of the House Oversight Committee were given access to a confidential document that included accusations against the vice president.

According to a classified document, which was produced by the FBI, former Vice President Joe Biden was involved in a “quid pro quo” arrangement during his time in office. This allegation was made by James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky.

According to Greene, the document she referenced in her interview with the Daily Caller contains information that implicates Joe Biden in a scheme that involved getting a prosecutor fired. She also stated that the informant who provided the information is credible.

In a press briefing, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene discussed the allegations made against Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. According to her, these were based on a document she reviewed from an informant working for the FBI.

She also stated that the information in the document was not related to the claims made by Rudy Giuliani a year ago. She explained that the purchase of a U.S.-based gas and oil company by Burisma was allegedly influenced by Hunter Biden.

According to Greene, two of Biden's family members were allegedly paid millions of dollars in bribes by Burisma. She claims that these payments were made to have Shokin, who was investigating the company, fired. Bribery is common in both Russia and Ukraine, and these are typically budgeted for in business transactions.

According to her, the document presented by the FBI contained allegations that could lead to impeachment. She also stated that Biden should be prosecuted for what she referred to as a “pay-to-play scheme.” She added that he should be incarcerated for taking a bribe from a foreign official.

The allegations against Joe Biden are yet another instance of how Democrats use their power for personal gain. Americans cannot stand for this type of behavior. It is therefore important that the FBI continues to investigate these allegations and that the House Oversight Committee fully cooperates with them.

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