Exposed: Fake Trump Shove Video by Leftist Commentator – Truth Prevails!

A video shared by the notorious left-wing commentator Ed Krassenstein, in a desperate attempt to smear the good name of former President Donald Trump, has been proven to be as fake as a three-dollar bill. The video, which showed Trump allegedly shoving a man at his Palm Beach resort, quickly spread like wildfire on social media, with liberals jumping at the chance to demonize the former president.

However, the truth always has a funny way of coming out, and in this case, it did. The man in the video, Garrett Ventry, stepped up and set the record straight. According to Ventry, the interaction was nothing more than a friendly pat on the back from Trump while they were engaged in conversation. But of course, that didn’t stop the left from trying to twist the narrative to fit their agenda.

It’s no surprise that Krassenstein, a known Trump hater, would eagerly jump on any opportunity to make the former president look bad. His post asking people what they thought, before Ventry clarified the situation, shows the lengths the left will go to in order to push their false narrative.

In the end, the truth prevailed, and Ventry’s explanation put an end to the baseless rumors and speculation. It just goes to show that you can’t always trust what you see on social media, especially when it comes to anything involving Donald Trump. The left will stop at nothing to try and tarnish his legacy, but true conservatives see right through their petty tricks.

Written by Staff Reports

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