Exposed: Hunter Biden Caught Denying Chinese Cash Despite Wire Transfers!

In an October 2019 video, Hunter Biden vehemently denied receiving any money from his family's dealings with Chinese associate Jonathan Li. However, recent information has emerged that contradicts his assertion. The House Oversight Committee recently disclosed that in the summer of 2019, Hunter Biden received two wire transfers totaling $260,000 from individuals associated with BHR Partners, which includes Jonathan Li. These transactions listed President Joe Biden's Delaware residence as the recipient's address for the funds. It is worth noting that the BHR Partners fund is financially backed by the Bank of China.

This revelation is concerning, given Hunter Biden's previous denial of receiving money from Li. During an interview with ABC News, when questioned about whether he had received funds from their business dealings, Hunter Biden firmly replied, "No, no," and reiterated that he hadn't received "one cent." However, the available evidence now contradicts these claims, indicating that he did indeed receive a significant sum of money from his Chinese associate.

This is not the first instance where Joe Biden and his son's financial dealings have raised questions. President Biden has previously stated that Hunter Biden never profited from China, but these wire transfers directly challenge that statement. These developments raise concerns regarding potential conflicts of interest and financial connections between the Biden family and foreign entities.

For the sake of transparency and accountability, it is imperative that these financial transactions undergo a thorough investigation. The American people deserve to uncover the truth about the Biden family's business dealings and whether they give rise to ethical or legal concerns. This matter transcends political biases; it is about upholding the integrity of our elected officials and maintaining trust in our government. Given the gravity of these allegations, a comprehensive and impartial investigation is essential.




Written by Staff Reports

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Exposed: Hunter Biden Caught Denying Chinese Cash Despite Wire Transfers!

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