Flag Guy Challenges UCLA Radicals with Israeli and US Flags

In the latest episode of leftist campus antics at UCLA, a brave conservative protester known as “The Flag Guy” stood up against the encampment protesters in a truly epic wake-up call. These radicals have been demanding divestment from anything related to Israel, despite having no real power to influence international affairs. It’s just another futile display of their misguided activism, as usual.

The Flag Guy, waving both Israeli and American flags, faced off against the encampment protesters, risking backlash from the radical left on campus. But instead of backing down, he showed up at 4:30 a.m. with a bold message for the protesters. With a touch of humor, he greeted them with a loud “Good Morning, Vietnam!” and even added some rooster crowing sounds to the mix. And let’s not forget his catchy wake-up call: “Wake up, commies! Wake up!”

It’s refreshing to see someone challenging the leftist echo chamber on college campuses, where diversity of thought is often shunned. The Flag Guy’s actions received mixed reactions, with some protesters attempting to confront him. But his light-hearted approach seemed to resonate with many observers, who appreciated his courage in the face of radical opposition.

In a time when political correctness dominates higher education, it’s important to have voices like The Flag Guy who fearlessly push back against the prevailing narrative. His unconventional tactics may ruffle some feathers, but they serve as a reminder that freedom of speech should be upheld, even in the face of ideological intolerance. Kudos to The Flag Guy for his bold stance against the encampment protesters at UCLA.

Written by Staff Reports

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