Florida Tourism Hits New High with 140 Million Visitors

Last year, Florida welcomed a record number of tourists, with over 140 million people choosing to visit the Sunshine State. This new record includes 129.1 million domestic travelers, 8.3 million visitors from overseas, and 3.2 million tourists from Canada. The statistics from Visit Florida showcase the state’s popularity as a top destination for travelers.

Governor Ron DeSantis expressed pride in Florida’s achievement, praising the state’s attractiveness to visitors. He lauded Florida’s work and policies for making the state even more appealing to tourists. This record-breaking milestone solidifies Florida’s standing as a leading tourist destination.

This year, Florida is maintaining its status as a popular vacation spot, with 40.6 million tourists already choosing the state for their getaways. This figure represents the highest number of tourists recorded in a single quarter, demonstrating the steady appeal of Florida to travelers.

Many visitors flocked to Florida to escape the winter weather, contributing to the state’s robust tourism numbers. Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner highlighted the city’s calm spring break season, attributing it to measures taken to manage rowdy tourists. These efforts helped to maintain a peaceful environment for both residents and visitors.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, Governor DeSantis emphasized the importance of accountability for tourists. By forming a coalition of law enforcement, the state successfully upheld order and peace in popular tourist destinations such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Overall, Florida’s record-breaking tourism numbers reflect its status as an exceptional and sought-after destination for travelers.

Written by Staff Reports

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