Former presidential doctor demands Biden takes urgent cognitive test!

Despite the liberal media's attempts to ignore it, Joe Biden is reportedly a walking disaster. According to Congressman Ronny Jackson, the former chief medical officer for two presidents, Biden should resign from his position and take a cognitive test before he can run for re-election in 2024.

As a member of former President George W. Bush's medical team, Congressman Jackson is well-equipped to assess the health of the country's leaders. He's also concerned about Joe Biden's aging body and propensity for making mistakes.

As a result, Congressman Jackson and other House Republicans have urged former Vice President Joe Biden to resign from office and undergo a cognitive screening to ensure that he is fit to lead the country. In a letter to Biden, Jackson noted that the concerns about his cognitive abilities had become more prominent after he was elected.

The cognitive decline of Biden cannot be overlooked. It's not just about his capacity to recall names or recite coherent sentences, but it's also about how he can lead the country. On Fox News, Congressman Jackson referred to Biden's decline as a serious matter that threatened the country's safety.

It's time for Biden to acknowledge his cognitive issues and do what's best for the country. He must take the test, or he will continue to put the country at risk.

Source: Trending Politics

Written by Staff Reports

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