GOP Faces Stiff Primary Battles in Key House Districts

Conservative Candidates Face Tough Primary Challenges in Key House Races

Four states are preparing for primary elections that will shape the November ballot, as both Republicans and Democrats fight for control of the House. Republicans are focusing on races in Maine and Nevada, as well as facing primary challenges themselves. Nebraska’s lone House seat is also up for grabs for the first time in over a decade.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace, a Republican from South Carolina, is facing a tough primary challenge. This comes as a result of her decision to vote to oust former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The former GOP leader is actively working against her and other conservatives who also voted against him. In South Carolina, Rep. Jeff Duncan’s retirement has left a crowded field of seven Republican candidates vying for his seat. 


North Dakota is also in play, with Rep. Kelly Armstrong retiring and a crowded field of GOP contenders running for the Republican nomination. The state is heavily Republican, making the primary winner the likely victor in November. And in Maine, Rep. Jared Golden is facing a strong challenge from GOP candidates hoping to win over the district that supported President Trump in the last two elections. 


Republicans in Nevada are also gearing up for a competitive race to challenge incumbent Rep. Susie Lee. The primary has drawn seven candidates, including an independently wealthy candidate who has spent big since launching his campaign in March and a former state Treasurer.

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