GOP Infighting: $1.2T Bill Sparks Conservative Outrage at Johnson!

House Republicans are up in arms over the latest government spending bill set for a vote, accusing House Speaker Mike Johnson of dropping the ball when it comes to securing important wins for the GOP. This 1,012-page bill was apparently hammered out behind closed doors without any input from lawmakers, leaving some Republicans feeling like they got the short end of the stick.

The $1.2 trillion minibus bill has been hailed as a victory by both Republican and Democratic leaders. But some hard-line Republicans aren’t buying it and are pointing fingers at Johnson, claiming that the party should have come out on top considering their majority in the House.

One hot-button issue for the GOP is border security. While Republican leaders have been crowing about the bill’s provisions for border security, such as funding for 22,000 border agents and increased spending on border technology, some Republicans are irked that the bill doesn’t include important parts of their signature border bill. This has left many Republicans vowing to give the spending legislation a big thumbs-down, arguing that Johnson should have fought harder for their priorities.

Several House Republicans have voiced their frustration with Johnson, saying that he dropped the ball on sticking to the rules and pledges made by the GOP majority. They feel like Johnson’s leadership isn’t living up to expectations, and they’re not shy about sharing their disappointment.

And it’s not just the rank-and-file members of the GOP who are grumbling. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took aim at Johnson, accusing him of breaking every rule that led to the ousting of his predecessor, Kevin McCarthy. Other Republicans are also taking issue with the rush to advance a slew of spending bills, saying it’s starting to look a lot like Democratic leadership.

While some Republicans are fuming over the spending bill, not everyone is ready to show Johnson the door just yet. Some are holding out hope that the Senate can help right the ship, while others are urging their fellow party members to take a long, hard look at the bigger picture. It’s clear that there’s some soul-searching to be done within the GOP, and it remains to be seen how the chips will fall when the bill goes to a vote in the House.

Written by Staff Reports

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