GOP Rep. SLAMS DeSantis With Dramatic Accusations

In a scathing rebuke, former Michigan representative David Trott has criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his lack of friendliness and personability while serving together on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Trott recounted how DeSantis never said a single word to him during the two years they spent sitting next to each other on the committee, dubbing the governor “arrogant” and an “asshole”. Trott revealed that he was not surprised that so many Florida representatives are backing former President Donald Trump in 2024 instead of DeSantis, considering the governor’s behavior towards his colleagues.

Trott recounted how at their first committee hearing, DeSantis arrived right at the gavel time and did not bother to introduce himself, despite being seated next to Trott. The same thing happened at subsequent hearings, and by the third time, Trott knew that DeSantis was never going to initiate a conversation with him. Trott took it upon himself to introduce himself, as he expected DeSantis, a fellow Republican, to be more courteous. Trott acknowledged that DeSantis has talent and is effective in advancing hot button issues but underlined that the governor lacks a friendly personality, a fundamental skill necessary in politics. “If you’re going to go into politics, kind of a fundamental skill that you should have is likability. I don’t think [he] has that”, Trott said.

Trott added that DeSantis never developed any relationships with other members, and he never saw him talking on the floor with other people, palling around or engaging socially with others. Trott claimed that DeSantis is very focused on Ron DeSantis, obsessed with advancing his own political career at the cost of developing relationships with others. Trott believes that DeSantis’s inability to interact comfortably and authentically with other members is playing out in his pre-presidential campaign, as many of his colleagues have thrown their support behind Donald Trump instead of him. Trott concluded by declaring that he thinks DeSantis is an “asshole” who doesn’t care about people.

It should be noted that DeSantis’s political team did not immediately respond to this news writer’s request for comment. Based on Trott’s account, it is clear that Governor DeSantis has a long way to go in the pursuit of likability, kindness, and amicability in political circles. If he wants to forge alliances and build friendships with other members, DeSantis must work on his interpersonal skills, which are crucial in politics. Few successful politicians have made it to the top without being charming, amiable, and congenial. Unless DeSantis starts changing his ways soon, he risks being left behind in the fierce game of politics.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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