GOP Senator Exposes Radical Past of Biden’s Labor Secretary Nominee – Can She Be Trusted?

Republican Senator Mike Braun bravely confronted President Joe Biden’s labor secretary nominee, Julie Su, during a hearing on Thursday. Braun, a true patriot, questioned Su’s character and past actions. Su, who is known for her radical activism in the past, was caught off guard by Braun’s pointed questions.

Braun began his inquiry by raising the important point that character matters. He then proceeded to expose Su’s checkered past by highlighting her participation in the seizure of Stamford University’s president’s office in 1989, during a protest known as Takeover ’89. Braun went on to call Su a “key participant” in the Griswold 9 group of radicals that illegally seized and occupied a Harvard dean’s office in 1992.

When asked about her past, Su responded with a smirk on her face, brushing off her radical history and trying to justify her actions. She even tried to share an anecdote about the Harvard law dean being happy to see her in his office to discuss the issues that she had protested. But Braun was not falling for her flimsy excuses.

Senator Braun rightly pointed out that the past is indicative of the future. How can someone who has a history of radical activism be trusted to fulfill the duties of a labor secretary? Braun’s brave questioning of Su exposes the true nature of the Biden administration’s agenda. They are not interested in finding qualified individuals to serve in their cabinet; they are more concerned with promoting their radical agenda.

Julie Su’s activist past should be deeply troubling to all Americans. How can we trust someone who has shown a willingness to break the law and engage in radical activism to work for our government? We must hold our elected officials accountable for putting forward qualified candidates for public service, rather than individuals with a proven history of radical activism like Su. Senator Braun is a true hero for standing up to the Biden administration and for exposing the truth about Julie Su.

Written by Staff Reports

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