Gov Noem Skips Trump Photo Op, Defends Tough Leadership Choices

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem attended an event organized by former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago recently, according to a report. Despite giving a speech at the gathering, she did not appear in a photo with Trump afterward. Critics, like Ron Filipkowski, made note of her absence in the picture.

Many had speculated that Gov. Noem could be a potential running mate for Trump in the future. However, she faced backlash for a passage in her book recounting how she had to shoot a dog that was killing chickens and was deemed untrainable.

In leaked audio, Noem discussed facing challenges and being attacked, stating it makes you stronger and more aware of deceit. The governor’s actions and words show her to be a resilient leader.

It is important to remember that strong leadership often requires making tough decisions, as seen in Gov. Noem’s handling of the situation with the dog. Critics may try to twist the story, but conservatives know that sometimes difficult actions are necessary for the greater good.

Written by Staff Reports

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