Harris Faces Backlash After Awkward TV Interview With Drew Barrymore

Vice President Harris’ Recent Interview Receives Criticism for Awkward Moments

A recent interview between Vice President Kamala Harris and Drew Barrymore has sparked criticism for several awkward moments and statements made. The interview, which took place on daytime television show “The Drew Barrymore Show,” has drawn attention for its cringe-worthy moments and has been called out as one of the most uncomfortable Harris interviews to date. 


During the interview, Barrymore made a statement referring to Harris as the “mamala of the country,” which has left many perplexed and critical of the exchange. Additionally, Harris mentioned in the interview that criticism of her laughter is driven by sexism, a statement that has also been scrutinized.

Despite the lighthearted nature of the show, the interview has led to further disapproval of Harris, with some expressing that her unlikeability goes beyond the moments captured in the interview. Some critics have pointed to her low approval rating as evidence that her popularity issues extend beyond gender biases.

While opinions on the interview vary, it has undoubtedly reinforced existing reservations about Vice President Harris for some individuals.

Written by Staff Reports

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