Hillary Clinton Slammed for Equating D-Day Sacrifices to Voting

Hillary Clinton sparked outrage among many people with a tweet commemorating the anniversary of D-Day. In the tweet, she compared the bravery of the soldiers who fought on the shores of Normandy 80 years ago to the act of voting in the upcoming election. This comparison did not sit well with several conservative politicians and commentators, who criticized her for disrespecting the sacrifices made by the WWII heroes.

Senator Tommy Tuberville called the Democrats “dramatic and deranged” for drawing a parallel between storming the beaches of Normandy and voting against Trump. Senator Marsha Blackburn also condemned Clinton’s tweet as disrespectful to the courage shown by the WWII heroes. Additionally, Rep. Pat Fallon labeled the tweet as “shameless and deranged.”

Conservative commentator Dana Loesch also weighed in, accusing Clinton of attempting to undermine the accomplishments of the WWII heroes by engaging in questionable activities during the 2016 election. Others, including the communications director for Governor Ron DeSantis, criticized Clinton for turning off comments on the post, describing it as “disgusting drivel.”

It is important to note that this controversy comes in the context of Clinton’s previous presidential bid, in which she lost to Donald Trump. Trump, who is currently campaigning for re-election against President Joe Biden, is the presumed Republican candidate for the upcoming election. The Republican National Convention is set to take place on July 15, with Election Day scheduled for Nov. 5.

Written by Staff Reports

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