House GOP Bill Targets Air Travel ID Loopholes for Illegal Immigrants

Yee-haw! Hold onto your horses, folks, because House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) is saddling up to introduce legislation that could put the brakes on illegal immigrants flying into the good ol’ US of A. That’s right, partner, the Verifying that All Illegal Aliens Have Legitimate Documents Act, or VALID Act, is aiming to lasso those sneaky immigrants trying to skip out on the same travel requirements as law-abiding Americans.

Congressman Green ain’t horsing around when he says that illegal immigrants should have to follow the same rules as the rest of us. He’s looking to stamp out the loophole that lets them bypass proper identification at our airports with a swift kick from his bill. And he’s got some fellow cowboys and cowgirls joining him in the fight, with 17 co-sponsors already roped in.

Green ain’t too pleased with the Biden administration’s lenient attitude towards immigrants either. He’s calling out the border shenanigans that have let hundreds of thousands of immigrants waltz right into our country without showing the same papers that your average Joe or Jane would need to flash. And, let me tell ya, he’s not alone in his frustrations. Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is rustlin’ up similar legislation in the Senate, and he’s got some strong words about why he thinks the playing field ain’t exactly level.

Now, the Democrats may think they’re being clever by using fancy-schmancy apps and immigration documents to let folks saunter into our country, but Green and his posse ain’t having none of it. He’s throwing a lasso around the Department of Homeland Security’s Transporation Security Administration to make sure they don’t let any immigrants slide through those security checkpoints without the proper documents. And he’s not stoppin’ there, folks. His bill aims to rein in the airlines too, making sure they don’t let passengers on board if they’re using immigration papers as their golden ticket.

But hang on just a minute, y’all! It seems like the Biden administration might have its own Wild West tactics up its sleeve. By expanding that CBP One app, they’re trying to make it easier for immigrants to get appointments with customs officers and slide on in. But, hold your horses, pardners! Former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf from the Trump administration is callin’ them out, sayin’ the vetting process just ain’t good enough.

So, there you have it, folks. The fight for fair play at our borders and in our skies is heatin’ up, and it looks like the Republicans are ready to wrangle this issue. Will the Democrats go along with it, or will they hightail it in the other direction? Only time will tell, so stay tuned as this showdown unfolds!

Written by Staff Reports

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