House Republicans Ready Investigation In Democrat Misinformation Campaign

The Democratic National Committee released a report that revealed how Republicans intend to investigate after they learned that a false report was being circulated.

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It is not going to stand for another scandal like this. Both parties are already planning on conducting investigations to find out what they could have done differently.

Rep. Pat Fallon of Texas stated that he will investigate why the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement underreported the number of immigrants being deported by almost 18,000%. The Daily Caller News Foundation uncovered this discrepancy.

An internal document obtained by DCNF revealed that almost 50,000 illegal immigrants were not being monitored by the agency as of November 14. However, the website maintained that only 266 individuals were being monitored.

During a segment of Fox and Friends First Friday, Carley Shimkus asked Congressman Pat Fallon about the discrepancy between the numbers provided by the DCNF and the actual number of immigrants being deported.

Rep. Pat Fallon also discussed the various plans that Republicans would implement once they take over the government.

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Several investigations have been launched regarding the actions of various officials within the Biden administration. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy threatened to impeach Deputy Attorney General Alejandro Mayorkas if he didn’t resign.

The Democratic Party is known for creating false information. With the mismanagement of the border, it is not surprising that Americans believe that there are only 266 immigrants who are missing.

During a congressional hearing last month, officials from various agencies such as the FBI and the Homeland Security Department discussed the country's most significant threats.

During the hearing, members of the House questioned Alejandro Mayorkas about the security situation at the southern border. During the previous fiscal year, over two million immigrants crossed the border.

During the hearing, Congressman Dan Bishop asked Mayorkas if the border was secure. He responded by saying that the situation was improving.


The Democratic Party has been continuously spreading false information about the security situation at the border. This claim is made after former President Joe Biden supported an increase in illegal immigration during his time in office.

Since Biden became president, the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border has increased significantly. This has placed a strain on the border states, which are typically Republican. The crisis has led to an increase in crime rates and the lack of resources.

It is clear that the policies of the Democratic Party are not working. It is time for them to stop being irresponsible and adopt a more sensible approach to addressing the immigration situation.

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