Hunter Biden Accuser Claims Cellphone Malfunction After Learning of Pregnancy

Lunden Roberts, who is the mother of Hunter Biden’s child Navy Joan Roberts, shared a strange story on “The Megyn Kelly Show.” She talked about how her cellphones acted strangely the night she found out she was pregnant. Roberts explained that both her phones suddenly crashed and displayed odd lines on the screens. To make matters worse, when she got her phones replaced, some of her information seemed to be missing from the cloud, specifically anything related to Hunter Biden.

This mysterious incident raises questions about possible interference or manipulation of Roberts’ devices. Could there have been outside forces trying to protect Hunter Biden, who is the son of the former vice president? Roberts mentioned the idea of government involvement, hinting at a potential conspiracy to shield Biden from any negative repercussions.

It’s concerning to hear about these technological glitches and the subsequent loss of data for Roberts. The fact that she was unable to explain what exactly happened adds an air of suspicion to the situation. This kind of story certainly raises eyebrows and leads one to question the integrity of those involved, especially given the high-profile nature of Hunter Biden’s connections.

As a conservative, it’s disappointing to see such possible misconduct or interference surrounding this situation. Individuals should not have to worry about their personal information being tampered with, especially in significant moments like finding out about a pregnancy. This story sheds light on the need for transparency and accountability, even among those in influential positions.

Overall, this story serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting one’s privacy and data security. It also brings to light the potential consequences of allowing powerful individuals to potentially abuse their positions to manipulate or control information for their benefit. It’s crucial to hold accountable those who engage in any questionable activities, no matter their status or connections.

Written by Staff Reports

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